Saturday, February 12, 2011

There Was A Young Man Who Lived In A Shoe...

I've begun an early Easter egg hunt for a shoe that I thought was a little outside of my comfort zone. A shoe that makes me think hipsters have already made a mockery of, but even still I believe I can bring some justice to a nice pair of saddle shoes a la CQ360 flava.
For all my cotton candy eating, Brandy sipping, exotic women, don't be afraid to hurt your ankles jumping on the bandwagon. I think most of you will look incredibly piquant....fuggedaboutit!
If you find a pair of size 10 1/2 or 11 black and white or tan and white drop me a line. I want to put together a look unlike the revamped Nirvana meets nerd grunge look that most of Southern California is going through.

This guy (he reminds me of a friend in Highland Park) is close to what I'm picturing myself in. Good look, yes?

My Fashion-Word-em-up: Even a strong woman can succumb to the wiles of a weak man with pointy shoes.

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