Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Generosity for Cheap

The hustle and bustle of New York's 2011 Fall Fashion Week is underway. Photographers, designers, thespians, media outlets, bloggers, fashionistas, musicians, and various celebrities of all types attend the brouhaha throughout the week's events. As for me, I'll prop my Ipad against my wife's perky little booty, gaze at pictures, read tweets, and day dream of attending such a grand spectacle.
However, just as I was galavanting around the globe with Karl and three of Alexander McQueen's models...I was hit by reality. A formidable revelation. A manifestation of women shrouded in comfortable, affordable, non-hassle wardrobes all in Nacho Libre's favorite color...light tan. I call it the "C.A.N-doo" (Comfortable, Affordable, Non-hassle) style because anyone "C.A.N" do it. These qualities are always part of a What Not to Wear contestant. I blame the word "affordable" because more often than not affordable means something comfortable and goes with a pair of Ugg boots. Let's be real; acquiring high-end-ready-to-wear runway items is rough on the pocketbook and almost impossible to wear every day of your waking life.
Nevertheless, there is Christian Siriano (Project Runway season 4 winner) whom since 2009 continues to crank out his reasonably priced shoes for Payless.
I remember Payless shoe stores being the hot spot to get our highly anticipated Pro-wing basketball shoe. A store whose Nike's sold as Sikey's, and whose Reebok's were known as Freebought's by lower income kids in my neighborhood. But Mr. Siriano has turned Payless's image around and now supplies them with his sexy footwear for $45 -$80.

Just be careful with the Fall 2011 collection. Word has it that you can become "fashion roadkill".

Honorable mentions: H&M's $34.95 Michelle Obama polka dot dress

Fashion-Word-Em-Up: If you think fashion is expensive, try living in poverty.

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