Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cooley High

It's August, it's warm out, and shorts are the occasion once again. It's been a year of resurrected shorts for me. Short and fit, loose and sort of baggy. Look at my previous post and you'll see what I'm talking about. I put these two shorts to work while hanging out at Fresh & Easy and at the pier. I'm learning that wearing shorts really isn't that bad and that not everyone is looking at my hairy legs.

These pictures remind me of a time when I wouldn't wear any jewelry at all. But after tatting my left ring finger I started playing with the idea of rocking manly bracelets. Now I have quite a collection thanks to various thrift stores. They come in handy when trying to get people to look at something other than your crooked smile and recently broken nose.

Because I find myself changing wardrobe throughout the day I added some other pictures of myself chillin' at the pier. Same shoes, hat, and bracelet only this time I decided to flip my baggy look to a more fit one. My eye tends to be attracted to things that are of contrast. So I flipped the script like an angry actor and went from paisley printed loose short to a bright solid fitted pair. Same went for the type of shirt. Only this time I threw on my new sunglasses that my friend/optometrist
picked out for me. I like them because they remind me of Malcolm mixed in with a little Spike Lee
(before the round bifocals) flava.

These two fellas were hanging out together down by the pier. They looked at home sitting there people watching. Perhaps they were home. The guy on the right was from Trinidad and his friend from Vietnam. I enjoyed myself listening to their stories of travel and fishing conditions. Such contrasting characters they were. I suppose that's why I felt comfortable chatting it up.

My Fashion Word-em'-up comment: Change is the healthiest way to survive.