Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Avant les hommes

I am almost convinced that I am the victim of fashion voyeurs. I can't seem to catch them lurking in between the liquor and frozen pizza isles of Costco, or peering at me as they pose as Nordstrom mannequins jotting down the very details that make up my style. It's an eerie situation to know it's going on and not be able to prove it. My wife and friends thinks I'm crazy, and my mom tries to explain to me that she has seen my style done "back in the day". However, I tell her that I've seen practically every episode of Soul Train and have yet to see one brotha doing what I'm doing. Until now!
I've pieced together this difficult conundrum and revealed it's face. And although, these peeping tom's have been unveiled they continue to skulk and rape my style once a month in the form of a GQ magazine. Yes, it's true! The beloved GQ magazine has carried on a surreptitious affair with my wardrobe and published it for the entire nation to read. Look for yourselves:
The GQ Spring Style Preview Wear It Now: GQ.com

Slide 2 of 30; plaid ties? I thought I posted pictures of myself in a tie similar to those back in June 2010.

Slide 6 of 30; Mr. Kid Cudi your Nike's called...they said to give me back my loafers and the red socks please!

Slide 14 of 30; Lord have mercy...Colored chinos! Someone smack me if I didn't just blog about this.

Slide 20 of 30; Suede bucks!? I remember I said "bucks" and people thought I was talking Milwaukee basketball

Okay, so I've proved that I'm not a lunatic. There are fashion oglers following me doing God knows what behind closed doors, but I'm okay with it because some say "Imitation is a form of flattery". Hasta luego, my faithful CQ seekers.

Fashion-Word-em'-up: Yes, imitation is a form of flattery but theft is a sin.

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