Monday, January 31, 2011

Last time I posted on my blog was in August. I should be ashamed of myself, but I'm not because between then and now I haven't felt that inspired to create. Maybe it was because of all the rain that was pouring down on us toward the end of 2010? I don't know, but all the grey skies, cold feet, wet concrete and women walking around in frumpy clothing bored the life out of me. It was like Ben Stein was reading me "Moby Dick" as a soundtrack to my winter. Seriously, who wants to put together fly looking wardrobes for a population of people who run their errands looking like they've been watching TV and eating biscuits for hours on end? Not I! So I kept a low profile and wore my dark jackets, shoes and beanies and waited for 2011 to breathe some life into me.
This time of the year is when designers come out with their spring/summer collections. I thought I'd post a few shows that sort of get me back into the swing of things. And yes!, I mainly watch fashion shows that debut women clothes because it's women that I dress for (one main woman wife!). I believe a man should dress himself according to what women wear. Far too often I see a stellar looking girl walking with a shlump in a graphic t-shirt and jeans. Anyhow, enjoy the shows!

Soundtrack is weak at first, but I must say that this show was "BANANAS!". The girls just kept coming out looking more fly then the next. My imagination was going ape sh*t crazy for this one. Big up Aquilano Rimondi!
Next up is Tsumori Chiasto. Her show made me wonder if a guy could pull off pastels and still bring out that southern playalistic pimp I imagine myself to be at times. Check her out and tell me what you think. Oh one more thing, next time I decide to post a fashion show I think I'm going to have to remix the soundtrack because these designers choose such unflattering music.

Thank you all for checking in here at CQ360. I'll leave you with my Fashion Word-em Up comment: Don't water it down, don't try to make it logical, and most importantly don't edit your soul for a trend that'll be gone tomorrow.

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