Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mo' Fiyah!

Let me just say that I love the heat of the sun, but only when I know that I'm going to be in the ocean. It's one of the few times that I know exactly what to wear...trunks and a surfboard! It's that simple.

On a recent weekend get away the only waves I came near were heat waves shimmering off the pavement from a 98 degree Palm Desert. The city was on fire. It was like walking through hell while wearing gasoline boxers.

And because I'm not a fan of the simple plain shorts and T-shirt look; deciding what clothes to pack was confusing at first. I knew I'd be visiting a zoo, then possibly taking the wifey out on a hike for some photo ops, hanging around Palm Desert's posh El Paseo Avenue, and then wrapping things up at the grocery store to set off my romantic side back at the hotel. I didn't want to be at my final destination looking like Discovery Channel's "Survivorman".

So as much as I disliked it I went with critter shorts, a simple v-neck freckled shirt, and my Top-sider slipons. All of which had contrasting colors because that's how I like it to be. I hiked without the shirt and beat up old smelly shoes (photos will not be seen). And that's how I stayed cool and Carl.

My fashion Word Em' Up advice: Outfits should be simple, but never plain.

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